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Word of Mouth Quality

A good product needs to meet two needs, basic needs and potential needs. Satisfying basic needs is the reason why users stay in this product. Satisfying potential needs is the reason why users voluntarily advertise the product, which spontaneously forms word-of-mouth. What are basic needs? It is when the product is positioned at the initial target, what kind of product the product is positioned, what kind of users it hopes to gather, and what needs of users are met.

Chaoyi Machinery's products have the functions and effects that can well meet the needs of the target user group in this respect. This basic need is met, which means that the product solves a problem that actually exists in users’ lives for users, and they are willing to continue using our products. Then the potential demand is the demand that can form excessive user satisfaction. To say that users themselves do not know that there is such a demand, this definition is too vague. It is easier to understand that it causes over-satisfaction. How can I be over-satisfied? Of course, it is different according to different products. For example, the product design of excellence, convenient and quick user experience, etc. may cause excessive satisfaction, thereby forming a word-of-mouth effect.
The good reputation of Chaoyi Machinery is basically the result of word of mouth from customers. Of course, the premise is that our products are of good quality and professional services are in place, so customers will introduce others to buy our products.

Word of Mouth Quality

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