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Chaoyi Machinery is an internationally recognized manufacturer of premier die cutting equipment that was established in shenzhen, China. With the dedication, precision and zeal for quality that represents the Chinese manufacturing sector, Chaoyi machinery earned an industry reputation as a global leader within the die cutting and finishing industries. The firms superior design, skillful engineering, exacting manufacturing standards and devoted factory service and support has propelled Chaoyi into one of the worlds most prominent providers of superior die cutting and finishing solutions.

Material: Imported raw material ensures productscore quality.

Design: Stable and firm chain structure makes carton strippers more stable and durable.

Production processes:

Hardening process and testing

High-end processing

Finish test: All finish goods need to do 100% test by labor and are taken to the laboratory by QC for random inspection. Only qualified goods are allowed to enter to warehouse. All of carton strippers are tested again by 100% before packing and shipping, once customers order to us.

Proven Quality

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