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  • Automatic Efficiency Carton Paper Waste Stripping Machine
  • Automatic Efficiency Carton Paper Waste Stripping Machine
  • Automatic Efficiency Carton Paper Waste Stripping Machine
  • Automatic Efficiency Carton Paper Waste Stripping Machine
Automatic Efficiency Carton Paper Waste Stripping Machine Automatic Efficiency Carton Paper Waste Stripping Machine Automatic Efficiency Carton Paper Waste Stripping Machine Automatic Efficiency Carton Paper Waste Stripping Machine

Automatic Efficiency Carton Paper Waste Stripping Machine

  • Product No.:HS-580S
  • Price:negotiation
  • type:air waste stripper
  • Weight:3.5KG
  • chain:3#chain
  • Revolution:4500 RPM
  • Working pressure:6~8KG
  • Motor:Chinese brand
  • paper type:it suitable for all kinds of paper, especially for corrugating paper and paperboard
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Automatic Carton Paper Waste Stripping Machine Stripping Tool Stripper High Efficiency Waste stripper/Waste paper clean tools


Item No.: HS-580S

Type: Pneumatic stripper

Color: Black and Silver (you could choose the color you want)

Revolution: 4500 turns /min

Chain: #3 with 18 cogs(mediume size)

Air comsumption: 0.4/min

Working pressure: 6~8 KG

Net weight:3.5 KG

Minimum cutting size: 5MM

Suitable paper: all kinds of paper. Efficienty will be higher for orrugating medium paper and cardboard and so on

Gross Weight6.5 KG

Package Dimensions:490*170*240mm

Packing:1 pc waste stripper;

1 pc water -oil seperator

1 pc air pipe 12m long

1 set of instructions

Delivery: Within 2 days upon receive payment


The compressed air driven HS-580S carton-stripper has a very narrow and filigree chain (the minimum waste edge width is 5mm). This stripper should be used only for very small die-cut waste which is deeper in the stack, but can be used for normal waste too.

Our pneumatic types HS-580S is very robust and very low-maintenance. For the US and UK market, all pneumatic types are also available with a two-handed safety system.

For the HS-580 carton stripper, we will free to offer you the lubrication unit. (Filter with water separator, reduction valve, pressure gauge, air line lubricator, mounting bracket and screws). It is absolutely necessary to use a lubrication unit to protect the air driven motor.


Lightning-fast stripping of the outer die-cut waste from carton, craft paper and corrugated board stacks with our HS-580 carton-stripper.

Finish the time‐consuming and stressful waste‐stripping by hand. Our HS-580S carton‐strippers allows lightning fast removal of die‐cut waste from folding carton, e‐flute, cardboard, microwave‐ , corrugated board, gray broad paper and craft paper. When breaking out the die‐cut waste with our HS-580S carton‐stripper, the sheets remain exactly stacked as they left the die‐cutter. Designed to meet the requirements of our customers, our HS-580S carton‐stripper have proven their worth in carton board and board processing worldwide for 15 years.

Requirements for using our technology

Prerequisite for using our technology is that the outside trim must be cut into trim sections. Except from this is the clutch edge. This will be stripped out reciprocally, on the left and right side. Please see the below principle picture for waste segments.

Subdivide the waste edge in a way that the chain can operate at the widest part of the waste edge. Furthermore, the smaller the number of nicks (to heed at new forms), the faster the stripping operation will go. HS-580S carton‐stripper removes the trim section by section at high speed. A section of the stack of 250 sheets high can be removed in one second for instance. This performance results in a substantial lowering of manual stripping cost.

Handling of our HS-580S carton-strippers.

The principle and handling is very simple.

The chain of HS-580S carton‐stripper is placed with some pressure on the outer edge of the waste before the device is switched on.

The rotating, hardened and hard‐chromed chain strips the exterior trim from the die‐cut sheet at high speed.

Slide down HS-580S carton‐stripper with some pressure on the waste trim.

Depending on the number of nicks and the breaks of the die‐cut waste, you have to do a right / left combination with HS-580 carton‐stripper to break out the die‐cut waste along the full length of the stack. A chrome‐plated cover over the chain prevents damage to the sheets and helps you to slide down the stack easily.

How to use Pneumatic waste stripper properly.

1. Pneumatic waster stripper needs at least 5p air compressor or above with large enough connected pipes. Ensure the powerful rotation of the wheel.

2. First, make sure that the pneumatic waste stripper is connected with the air source; ensure the air pressure is 8kgs and the air pipe can work normally at 8*12m/m with maximum length of 15 meters. Otherwise it cannot work.

3. Turn on the sliding switch before work, or adjust the pressure valve to the maximum.

4. Inject special pneumatic tool oil or white mineral oil at air inlet of the waste stripper, lubricate air motor.

5. Press the platen and begin to work.

6. Stack the cardboard papers which need to remove the waste part neatly and four sides in flat.

7. Drive the chain using hand, check whether it can roll freely before open the air pressure. Press the top of the cardboard stack using iron plate. The four sides of the cardboard must have cutting edge. The distance of the cutting edges should be fit the

cardboard stacking position. Arrange appropriate gap on the cutting edges, make sure waste part connects with the products. So strip the waste corner must ≥5mm, easy to make breakpoint.

8. Pneumatic waste stripper is different with other pneumatic tools. It need a week run-in period. And maintain unimpeded sliding between chain and sprocket wheel. Each half day drop a few drops of oil on the chain, to reduce friction and prolong its service time.

9. Before use each time, drop 3-4 drops of pneumatic tool oil on the air inlet of waste stripper, and idling for 2-3 seconds.

10. Pneumatic waste stripper is a precision pneumatic tool. Please don’t throw it hardly. Waste stripper’s maintenance is more important than repairs.

Accessory List that will be come with HS-580S to you



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