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Carton waste removal machine, BOBST waste removal equipment


Carton waste removal machine, BOBST waste removal equipment

Type:air waste stripper


Chain:#2 chain

Revolution:4500 RPM

Working pressure:6~8KG

Motor:Taiwan Brand

Paper type:it suitable for all kinds of paper, especially for greyboard paper, corrugated paper and so on

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Carton waste removal machine, BOBST waste removal equipment

Item Number



Pneumatic stripper




4500 turns /min


#2 with 18 cogs (large size)

Air consumption


Working pressure

6~8 KG

Net weight

5.5 KG

Minimum cutting size


Suitable paper

all kinds of paper. Efficiency will be higher for greyboard paper, corrugating medium paper and so on.

Gross Weight


Package Dimensions


The product is stripped evenly and efficiently, without any hammer damage marks, resulting in time savings and enhanced operator comfort.

Our waste stripper features a multi-tooth chain driven by a compressed air motor, designed to catch the paper without cutting it. This allows your operator to simply hold the device while the carton waste is efficiently removed, making the process incredibly quick and straightforward. In fact, it can strip up to 10 times faster than manual or hammer methods, providing a significant boost in productivity.

Operating Instructions

Begin by connecting the pneumatic carton waste stripper machine to an air compressor with an operating pressure of at least 0.6 KPA. For an electric carton stripper machine, connect it to a 220V power source.

Hold the clutch handle with your left hand and grip the motor handle with your right hand. Turn on the machine and operate it using both hands.

Once the machine is turned on, the chain will rotate at high speed. Position the machine on the edge of the waste paper and gently press down with your hands to guide the machine.

Ensure that the waste paper edge is cleaned up to the designated point as the chain rotates. Be cautious of chain wounds.

Maintenance Method

The machine should be maintained after every 2-3 days of use. If the machine is used for more than 15 hours per day, maintenance should be performed daily.

For pneumatic stripper machines, apply specialized air-tool oil to the air inlet and regular engine oil to the chain. Turn on the machine to let it rotate for about one minute. Consider installing an oil-water separator for automatic maintenance to discharge water from the air compressor daily.

For electric stripper machines, apply regular engine oil to the chain and lift the machine with both hands. Turn on the machine to let it rotate for one minute. Replace the carbon brush when the motor power decreases.

For detailed instructions, refer to the machine’s manual.

Summary of Function

Scope of Application: These waste clearing machines are used for cardboard, corrugated paper, and fine corrugated paper in the printing industry. They are designed to clear out waste material from paper weighing between 150g to 500g.

Function Characteristics:

Function: These waste clearing machines operate through a pneumatic motor that drives the chain and teeth to clear waste material.

(1) The equipment is highly efficient, increasing work efficiency by at least 5-10 times.
(2) The machines are structurally simple, lightweight, portable, and easy to use.
(3) The pneumatic motor provides reliable, long-lasting, and safe operation with fire prevention capabilities.
(4) The chain is made of high-hardness steel, ensuring durability.

Technology Parameters:

Barometric Pressure: 0.63Mpa

Air compressor with a capacity of over 4 KW is required.

Photos of HS-882

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