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Semiautomatic Handheld Cardboard Waste Edge Stripper


Semiautomatic Handheld Cardboard Waste Edge Stripper

Type:air waste stripper


Chain:#3 chain

Revolution:4500 RPM

Working pressure:6~8KG

Motor:Taiwan Brand

Paper type:it suitable for all kinds of paper, especially for corrugating medium paper/paperboard

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Semiautomatic Handheld Cardboard Waste Edge Stripper


Item Number



Pneumatic stripper




4500 turns /min


#3 with 18 cogs (medium size)

Air consumption


Working pressure

6~8 KG

Net weight

3.5 KG

Minimum cutting size


Suitable paper

all kinds of paper. Efficiency will be higher for corrugating medium paper/paperboard

Gross Weight


Package Dimensions


The HS-881S waste stripping machine is a user-friendly, handheld device designed to remove waste from die-cut sheets, suitable for various types of paper, including solid carton board, with a minimum waste depth of 5mm.

The latest iteration of the HS-881S is equipped with a heavy-duty motor and powerful pneumatic drive, ensuring the chain’s durability for at least six months when used correctly.

Key Benefits:

Up to 85% reduction in stripping time
Time savings on back and side trim removal during die cutter setup
Two-handed operation for enhanced safety
Hardened components for extended lifespan
Ultra-hard chain and enclosed pneumatic system for improved safety
Reduced risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI)
Narrowest minimum gutter depth on the market at 5.0mm, resulting in undamaged cartons and improved productivity

Product Features:

Utilizes a renowned pneumatic motor for high performance and security
Lightweight and portable design for exceptional convenience
Enables quick and efficient waste removal, surpassing traditional manual stripping methods
Prevents damage to the bonding area during stripping, unlike hammer-based waste removal
Features a high-strength alloy steel chain for enhanced hardness, wear resistance, and prolonged service life

Common Issues:

1, Tool does not work
maybe cause 1: Chain does not rotate, too tight or gear stuck: Remove the cover, adjust the slider, and check for misalignment between the chain and gear.
maybe cause 2: Paper jam in gear during operation: Cut off the air supply and manually agitate the chain to remove the jammed paper shreds.

2, Tool rotation powerless
maybe cause 1: Insufficient air pressure: Check and increase the air pressure as needed.
solution 1: Verify that the slide switch is in the correct position.
solution 2: Adjust the chain tension to the appropriate level.

3, If the chain is excessively worn, it needs to be replaced.


Here are some main points.


Riveting Chain

More firmer and not hard to break.

Metal Cover

Stainless Steel Cover

It is easy to extremely hot and easy to dissipate heat, which can protect stripper by itself

Metal Handle

Stainless Steel Handle

Elegant and is high quality.

Firm structure

Three points fixation

More firmer and more stable

Inside components

Hard Coating

Longer lifetime and high quality


Famous brand

High accuracy, stability and excellent quality




How to maintain the waste stripping machine

The machine should undergo maintenance every 2-3 days (once every 2-3 days). If the machine is used for more than 12 hours per day, it should be maintained daily.

Maintenance operations: There are two methods of maintenance, manual maintenance, and automatic maintenance using an oil-water separator.

Manual maintenance:

Apply regular engine oil or pneumatic tool oil to the machine’s chain.
Apply specialized air-tool oil to the machine’s air inlet.
Turn on the machine and let it rotate for about one minute.
Automatic maintenance by oil-water separator:

Install the oil-water separator at a location 1 or 2 meters away from the air compressor.
It will automatically maintain the machine while it is in operation.
For details about the oil-water separator, please refer to the information below.

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